Transcript – Interview with Brett McLeod, 3AW

Subjects: ACCC Fuel Monitoring Report, Prime Minister’s Address to Parliament, security at APH Brett McLeod: Right now I want to talk about petrol prices. It’s school holidays and traditionally that’s when we see a nice hefty spike in petrol prices but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is being given extra powers, extra reporting…


Transcript – Interview with Chris Smith, 2GB

Subjects: ACCC, consumer affairs, small business Chris Smith: What happens when you see an airline ticket for $90. Do you think you would get the same demand for the ticket when you have advertised it for $59? Of course you won’t. I thought we would clear up this little bit and what the Minister can…


Transcript – Interview with Stuart Bocking, 2UE

Subjects: G20, small business Stuart Bocking: There is a very important conference which is underway in Melbourne today at Parliament House in Melbourne. A group of small to medium sized enterprises have gathered at a one day international conference which is all part of the work program of Australia’s role in the G20, that will…


Transcript – Interview with Harry Frost, Sky News Business

Subjects: Tax changes, competition, G20, small business Harry Frost: Minister thank you for speaking with us today. Now some of the tax changes that you have announced today, is there a risk that they could be used rather than for changing competition but for using special interest pleading rather than promoting competition? Minister Billson: The…


Transcript – Interview with Denis Gist, 3RPP FM

Subjects: Electorate of Dunkley, small business, budget Denis Gist: Hello Bruce, are you there? Minister Billson: Denis how are you and your listeners today? Denis Gist: Oh great, we are having a ball here today. We are doing handstands and all sorts of pirouettes and what have you. But it’s been good down here. It’s…


Transcript – Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB

Subjects: Food and Grocery Code, competition, small business Alan Jones: Barry O’Farrell rightly wanted to ban discounts which offered more than 50 per cent off alcohol purchases at Coles and Woolworths. But it didn’t happen. Nathan Rees said at the time, the former Premier, that there was no question the alcohol lobby and supermarket lobby…


Interview with Raphael Epstein – ABC 774 Melbourne

Raphael Epstein: Bruce Billson, Federal Minister for Small Business is on the line and coincidently, he is the Federal Member for Frankston. Now Frankston has been in the news but not the Federal Parliament. Bruce is currently in Cairns participating in small business forums. Bruce Billson thanks for joining us. Minister Billson: You’re welcome Raf….


Doorstop, Parliament House, Canberra

Minister Billson: Good morning. What’s very clear is that only the Abbott Coalition Government actually has a plan to fix the budget, to deal with debt and deficit that Labor has left our nation and this parliament. We’ve seen this again reinforced yesterday where the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was talking out both sides of…


Interview with Peter Switzer, Sky News Business

E&OE……………………………………………… Subjects: Budget, small business Peter Switzer: So if the current Government was a small business trying to flog its latest product called the Budget, they would go out of business. So what can the small business Minister Bruce Billson add to the marketing pitch, because we know the other two guys do need a…