The Australian Government offers the Dunkley community an enormous amount of useful information, advice, services and other valuable resources, a lot of which is literally at your finger tips through the web sites of the many government departments.

If you are looking to apply for a Federal grant, whether it be to support an arts or creative endeavour or a business venture the popular government website is a wonderful starting point.

Others provide specific information about the range of services that fall under each department’s area of responsibility. An example includes the Department of Human Services web site which provides access to agencies such as Child Support, Medicare and Centrelink.

In many cases the various sites provide opportunities to download relevant forms and make online applications. Other important contact details are also provided.

Find below a list of all government departmental websites as well as the websites of several commonly requested agencies such as Centrelink and Medicare.

You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find and in many cases you can get terrific results without having to even make a phone call or leave your home.

Aus Industry
Aus Trade
Parliament of Australia
Job Search
Child Support Agency
New Apprenticeships
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Commonwealth Ombudsman
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australian Electoral Commission
Australian Tax Office
Australian Federal Police
Australian Citizenship
Australian Institute of Sport
State Member for Mornington