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In 1998, I released a comprehensive community action plan called Our Dunkley Destiny. Working with you, my positive, passionate and persistent approach secured many practical results for our community. In 2001, I followed up with Stage 2 of Our Dunkley Destiny which continued the visionary plan started three years earlier. Again, together, we have been able to achieve many wonderful outcomes for the electorate.

After being fortunate enough to win the community’s backing in the 2004 Federal Election, Dunkley Destiny has evolved into Stage 3. It is true, we have come a long way and kicked many goals, but so much more needs to be done. This requires continued energy, drive and commitment.

My commitment to you is to ensure that our community continues to get strong representation at Federal level and our fair share of Australian Government support. The privilege of representing the people of Dunkley is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Dunkley Destiny III is about making Dunkley an even better place to live, work, play and visit. Importantly, it contains new actions that have been identified based on the feedback I have received from the community representatives and individuals with whom I have had the honour of working with.

Pro business: always lending a hand.

Pro business: always lending a hand.

There is an intense family focus and Dunkley Destiny III is about building stronger neighbourhoods, providing local people with the tools and support they need to lead successful and fulfilling lives and of course creating opportunities for our children, to help them reach their full potential.

This means ensuring our wonderful local schools remain strong and that Monash University, Peninsula Campus, has the resources it needs to offer nation-leading tertiary education opportunities in exciting areas such as health and wellbeing related studies.

Already we have made some major inroads into the ambitious goals set out under Dunkley Destiny Stage 3 – our community action plan. I am delighted that I have been able to help deliver a new Family Relationship Centre to Frankston, this will offer a variety of support and also assist parents during the traumatic time of relationship breakdown.

Working in partnership with respected service provider Odyssey House, I have also been able to convince the Australian Government to invest $660,000 over three years in a much needed short-term residential treatment program to support people committed to overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. This is something I have been pursuing for a long time and I am pleased that our community is set to benefit from this work.

We have also seen the Australian Government provide additional funding to support an after hours’ GP clinic at Frankston Medicentre and our community has gained a Medicare-backed MRI unit.

My persistence has also seen the Australian Government commit $400,000 to support the relocation and expansion of the Banksia Respite Centre, which provides wonderful care for people suffering dementia. I am also continuing to work with RSL Park in a bid to secure funding for a trial dementia care program.

Our Dunkley Destiny III

Family Support
Established Frankston Family Relationship Centre with $1.1 million funding assisting 1500 clients in the first year to strengthen families and support relationships in the best interests of children.

Community Strengthening
$3 million ‘Communities for Children’ program to assist families and child-friendly communities in Belvedere Park, Frankston North and Karingal; community development projects in The Pines, Langwarrin and Mornington East.

Community Infrastructure
Partnerships funding to help construct the three-court basketball stadium at Mornington Secondary College ($440,000) and Frankston Tourism Information Centre ($260,000); $5 million committed for the proposed regional aquatic/wellbeing centre at Monash Peninsula.

Frankston Bypass
$50,000 for an environmental management plan for the urgently required Frankston Bypass to ease mounting traffic congestion, pressuring the State Government to commence a comprehensive impact statement.

Roads – Improvements
$326,000 for a new roundabout and turn lanes at the Golf Links/Robinson Roads intersection, Frankston South.
Fully-controlled right-turn at Nepean Highway and Wells Street ($46,393).

Local Road Infrastructure
$9,154,278 delivered over three years in Federal Roads to Recovery funding for Frankston City Council and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council to improve and maintain our local roads.

Roads – Safety
Improved skid resistance on Canadian Bay Road between Walkers Road and Hammersley Court ($66,000). Upgraded traffic signals and pedestrian fencing along Nepean Highway, Davey St and Hastings Road ($50,000).

Fighting Crime
$76,700 in funding to install CCTV technology in Main Street, Mornington to monitor anti-social behaviour and resulted in a drop in crime.

Law and Order
$248,960 in funding to install CCTV technology at the Frankston railway station, foreshore precinct and safe taxi rank to improve personal security. An additional police vehicle has been secured.

A Safer Community
$500,000 for Anglicare for preventative strategies to tackle crime, address anti-social behaviour and to reconnect with ‘at risk’ youth. $25,951 in grants for 7 local crime prevention projects.

Tackling Drugs
Getting lives ‘back on track’ after drug use or alcohol abuse with funding including Odyssey House ‘Op-Step’ detox and rehabilitation program ($660,000), Mornington Illicit Drug Project ($334,946) and PENDAP ($454,500).

Investing in Our Schools
$8.2 million of new funding for 50 local government and non-government schools for facility, equipment and technology improvements selected by the school community and leadership.

Higher Education
Revitalised Monash Peninsula campus through additional places, $5.2 million capital development funding and new primary health care courses lifting the student population from 1951 to 2497.

Helping Students Achieve
Chaplaincy program assisting 12 local schools ($720,000); expanded After-School Hours care options; Family-School Partnership at St Anne’s; ‘Success for Boys’ program ($92,000); School Innovation in Science and Technology ($49,955).

Health Service Improvements
Medicare-funded MRI at Frankston hospital available for specialist referrals. Committed operational grants ($528,000) to provide extended access to After Hours GP sevices at Frankston Medicentre.

Health – Medicare Enhancements
Newly introduced Medicare Safety Net accessed by 7108 local people to ease the financial cost of those in greatest health need and new Medicare chronic care/dental treatment support.

Health Access
Improved the ratio of GPs to Dunkley patients for our growing population assisted by the Outer Metropolitan Doctors initiatives and local Division of General Practice.

Aged Care
Increased the number of residential aged care places and community care packages responding to the growing need beyond national planning ratios plus $86,000 for palliative care training.

$34,818 to protect the endangered southern bandicoot at The Pines Flor and Fauna Reserve. 10 Green Corps places for local job seekers to protect and preserve the Reserve.

Environmental Enhancement & Protection
$177,000 in Envirofund grants for weed eradication/revegetation work at Seaford Foreshore; Frankston beach; Canadian Bay and Williams Road beaches; and Sweetwater, Boggy, Balcombe and Tangenong Creeks.

Sustainable Water Use
Grants totalling $120,000 to Peninsula winemakers. Mornington Civic Bowls Club and Frankston Golf Club to improve water management practices to save 1.5 million litres of water annually.

Water Conservation and Education
Funding for water conservation, education and reuse projects at Kananook Primary School ($49,000); St Jude’s Primary, Langwarrin ($32,000) and Woodleigh School ($40,400).

4.2 per cent local unemployment rate in Dunkely providing the best opportunities for decades for job seekers including the long term unemployed and people returning to the workforce.

Economic Opportunities
Helped 17 local businesses to export ($1.1 million); a regional economic development plan; a visitor event strategy for Frankston City; tourist railway extension feasibility; and retaining valued mature-aged workers in manufacturing.