Empowering Frankston and Mornignton Peninsula businesses to grow

Thursday 31 March 2016


Local businesses looking to export are the big winners from a new Coalition Government initiative to give them quick and easy access to trade information.

Bruce Billson MP, local Federal Member for Dunkley, said a new FTA Portal will help local businesses take full advantage of Australia’s free trade agreements with the three north Asian powerhouse economies of China, Japan and South Korea.

“The opportunities for our community small and medium businesses have never been better,” Mr Billson said.

“Many businesses are looking to export but are uncertain about how to go about it and whether they are price competitive.

“The new FTA Portal seeks to answer those questions. It provides free and accurate information on tariffs under the FTAs so small and medium businesses can easily work out how price competitive they will be.”

The Portal also has Australian and international trade data and an innovative step-by-step system to help businesses assess whether their product is likely to meet the requirements of the agreements.

“So whether you’re a brewer in Mornington or a clothes manufacturer in Seaford, the FTA Portal displays the right information for the right product through a quick and easy search,” said Mr Billson.

“The new FTA Portal is just one of the ways the Coalition is helping SMEs take full advantage of the significant competitive benefits offered by the FTAs in order to create jobs and economic growth for our Dunkley electorate,” Mr Billson said.

The new FTA Portal also aims to harness the innovation of the private sector, by making the information freely available to app developers so clever, tailored apps can be developed that provide even more helpful information to the SME sector.

Find out more through the FTA Portal: https://ftaportal.dfat.gov.au/