Green Army Northern Peninsula projects ready to rollout

Friday 18 December 2015

Protecting the threatened species and rare cultural heritage along the Port Phillip coastline from Mount Eliza will be the focus of two new Green Army projects to be rolled out in our region in coming months.

The Green Army teams will partner with local environmental ‘friends’ groups and Indigenous communities to deliver significant environmental improvements, habitat restoration and erosion management works, with the teams boosting and advancing the vital work of dedicated volunteers.

These two major Green Army projects will include tackling weed invasion, sedimentation and threats to high conservation and indigenous cultural heritage sites along the Mount Eliza and Mornington coastline. Participants will also carry out recovery actions for priority threatened birds and mammals.

Green Army project has already delivered significant benefits to environmental and cultural heritage sites that are loved by the Dunkley community that rely heavily on the selfless work of dedicated volunteers to provide for their ongoing care and management.

The skills, workplace know-how and capacity developed by Green Army participants has been transformational with the young people able to provide evidence about what kind of contribution they have and are able to make to a range of workplaces.

I look forward to meeting the next round of Green Army participants as these new projects are rolled out in Dunkley.

A full list of approved Round Four projects and how to get involved is available at: www.australia.gov.au/greenarmy.