Local community and green army join forces – Frankston storm clean up

Thursday 19th November 2015:

Local community groups and the Commonwealth Government funded Green Army teams continue to work together to restore and protect our local environment.

It was great to catch up with Friends of the Pines community group representative Gillian Collins and the Green Army team as they jointly restore the Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve following the storms on 28 February 2015.

The Frankston region has many reserves which are significant, providing habitat for endangered, threatened and vulnerable flora and fauna.

Friends of the Pines have been nurturing and protecting the Pines Flora and Fauna Reserve for some time, but the storms caused large amounts of rain and debris to damage environmentally-sensitive areas and inhibited public access.

This damage required additional pairs of hands to fix and the Commonwealth Government was delighted to fund a green army team to assist.

It was fantastic to see the dedicated volunteers who have given so much to the management and care of the Pines Reserve, get the boost and significant progress to restoration work made possible by the Green Army team.

A natural event can be a real set-back but this Green Army project involves building resistance to future storm events, protecting significant fauna and flora species, enhancing water quality and promoting public engagement with the environment.

The visit reiterated to me the value of the Green Army programme in helping local volunteers protect our precious environment.

I encourage any young people who may be interested in getting involved to go to www.australia.gov.au/greenarmy for more information.

Being part of the Green Army not only allows you to make meaningful contributions to our environment, it is also a fantastic opportunity to gain training and experience in relevant fields and explore careers in conservation management.