Union continues China FTA scare campaign with concocted, deceitful ‘debates’

Wednesday, 28 October 2015:

The free trade agreements (FTAs) negotiated by the Coalition Government are a great opportunity to boost jobs, growth, incomes and living standards.

Despite this, the union movement has continually campaigned against the China FTA and spread false and misleading information, off the back of robo-calls to local households and push-polling aimed at causing public concern.

I have been, and continue to be happy to provide factual information to address and allay any questions or concerns about the FTA raised with me. I was pleased to host an information forum on the FTAs for all interested people in April this year at the Frankston Arts Centre.

Last week the agreement passed the House of Representatives unchanged and with the support of Labor, which effectively represents the union movement in the parliament.

I took the opportunity to speak in parliament on what the agreement will mean for local businesses and jobs.

In order to provoke community concern, the union movement has embarked on another aspect of its campaign of opposition to the China FTA by concocting so-called ‘debates’ in local electorates.

To underline the purely political nature of these campaign events, the union movement has targeted Coalition MPs, despite Labor’s support for the China FTA.

It is very surprising the union movement is promoting my attendance at its local campaign event through a range of channels including advertising and a letterbox drop. No such agreement had been given.

The union organisers have deceived our community about the nature and arrangements of the event – even the venue has had to be changed.

It remains perplexing why the union movement, which should be out promoting and supporting measures that create new opportunities for Australian workers in this critical post mining boom phase, continues to undermine an historic agreement which does just that.

I continue to be happy to address any concerns or questions people may have about this historic and world-leading agreement, but will not be a party to a concocted, deceitful union campaign designed to harm the Turnbull Government and Coalition MPs.