Community comes together for ageing expo

Thursday 8 October 2015: 

Hundreds of the region’s ‘mature’ residents and dozens of local service providers came together today to make Peninsula Health’s 10th Ageing Well Expo a ‘healthy success’.

Australia enjoys one of the highest life expectancies of any country in the world. Latest figures show that in 2013, it was 84.3 years for females and 80.1 years for males.

In 2012, Australia ranked sixth among Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries for male and female combined life expectancy at birth. The highest life expectancy at birth was 81.6 for males in Iceland and 86.4 for females in Japan.

We slip down the table though when it comes to ‘active life’ expectancy. The key to this- a full, engaged and satisfying long life, is to ‘age well’.

It is great that Peninsula Health’s community health promotion team saw the opportunity to partner with Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Shire councils for the expo, which brought together the array of support agencies and community organisations to showcase how mature aged residents can age well.

With the support of Benetas and National Seniors Australia, these co-collaborators hosted the expo at the New Peninsula Church, Mt Martha. Health screening, workshops on eating well and staying emotional and physically healthy and connected with the community and new technology were just some of the topics covered.

The take home message was that looking after your health, keeping active and involved and preparing well to live confidently are key to turning a long life into a happy, engaged and active life.

Congratulations to the expo organisers, exhibitors and attendees for their time and effort well and wisely invested.