Statement – Cabinet Arrangements

Sunday 20 September 2015:

The success of the new Turnbull Coalition Government is crucial to the success of our nation and the opportunities and quality life of our citizens. A Bill Shorten-led CFMEU-controlled Labor Government would be a disaster for our nation’s future.

I had hoped to continue my full contribution leading the Coalition’s work on ‘energising enterprise’ through excellent policy and advocacy on behalf of Australia’s small businesses and family enterprises, and to implement the Government’s response to the Harper competition review.

Having made this ambition clear, Prime Minister Turnbull and I spoke today and I was advised that I would not be provided that opportunity.

My admiration and deep affection for the enterprising men and women of Australia and my passion for the ground-breaking policy work and initiatives we have pursued in partnership remain undiminished; however my ability to pursue this work at a Cabinet level has ended.

I will reflect on the next stage of my political career with my family and support network.

I look forward to continuing to represent the wonderful Dunkley community with all of my energy and experience in the period ahead.