Transcript – Doorstop with PM and Matt Williams MP – Budget

Thursday 21 May 2015:


Subject: Budget 2015 – small business package.


PM thank you, Matt thank you.

This is a great success story of Australian entrepreneurship. Tony and Tania they are sons of entrepreneurs, their children are entrepreneurial in their outlook.

This is the story of success for so many communities. Men and women having a go, creating opportunities for themselves and others.

And that is why we have had such a positive response to the Budget.

What it aims to do is to energise enterprise, to give support and encouragement for businesses like this one with plans to grow, ambitions to do more.

Not only for the business but for the jobs they offer and the contribution they make to the community.

We have heard how the gelato machine could be expanded; improvements and renovation in terms of the décor; another coffee machine to delight customers.

This is what this package is about- to take the ambition and goals of enterprising people and turn that into action and opportunity for our economy and for people looking for livelihoods. That is the difference.

The Abbott Coalition team energising enterprise.

Labor penalising enterprise.

They don’t need higher electricity bills in this business or any small business. Let us not have the positivity and the optimism and the really encouraging outlook about what is possible and how we are supporting that ambition at risk by going back to the old Labor Party that seemed to think small business didn’t matter that much.

It means everything to our economy, is essential to our planning and Prime Minister I want to again thank you and Joe in a difficult task of repairing the Budget for also being able to find the resources to give support and encouragement to the men and women of small business and all they do for our community, our economy and the livelihoods which depend on their initiative and their endeavour.