Tackling Mornington Peninsula youth unemployment

Friday 13 March 2015:

Mornington Peninsula has been chosen as one of 11 regions in Australia to be part of a pilot programme aimed at tackling youth unemployment.

The Training for Employment Scholarships (TES) is one of two pilot programmes the Commonwealth Government has announced under the Industry Skills Fund – Youth Stream.

Under the pilot programme, Mornington Peninsula businesses with fewer than 200 staff can apply for up to $7,500 when they hire an unemployed person aged 18-24 years who requires further training.

The young person must be employed for 12 months and the scholarship covers 26 weeks of job specific training.

It is no secret that youth unemployment is a challenge in Mornington Peninsula, and positive action needs to be a key priority for our region with the youth unemployment rate at 17.7%. This equates to about 4,900 young people in Mornington Peninsula out of a job.

This scholarship programme will encourage local businesses to recruit unemployed youth. It will enable employers to upskill their staff, and improve innovation and productivity so they can grow their business.

For our young citizens, the scholarship programme will assist them to re-engage with education, start vocational education and training (VET) and move into the workforce.

These benefits also flow through to the Mornington Peninsula community, by decreasing the youth unemployment rate, helping our young people kick start a career and supporting our local economy.

This pilot programme is one of a number of innovative ways the Commonwealth Government is addressing youth unemployment.

Trialling the pilot programme in selected regions ensures future youth programmes are effective and are linked to outcomes. Unlike Labor we are not training for training’s sake but investigating the optimal ways to get young unemployed Australians into work.

Mornington Peninsula businesses can apply within three months of hiring a new employee and have until 29 February 2016 to apply through the online application form.

For more information, or to apply, visit www.business.gov.au/youthstream or call 13 28 46.