Transcript: Doorstop- Leadership, Coalition Government’s plans

Sunday 8 February 2015

Subjects: Leadership, Coalition Government’s plan for nation


I will be very very pleased to see the spill motion roundly defeated. Roundly defeated.

What we need is an opportunity to build on our strengths, which are unity, a clear sense of purpose, cohesion, a plan for the future, and the successes we have had to date. To do that, we need to maintain those strengths and build from them.

For me that means the spill motion must go down, and go down soundly. And that is what I am placing my vote on.


Has this been destabilising, the fact that the leadership has turned into a circus?


Well the fact that you are talking to me about this rather than our small business agenda troubles me.

And I know for the men and women who mortgage their houses to create opportunities for our country and for people looking for livelihoods in small business – that is where my thinking is, would rather be, and that is where it should be.

We have got work to do, serious issues to be addressed, and a plan for our country.

To strengthen the economy, to improve opportunities- that is where all of our energy should be.


Treasurer Joe Hockey says he thinks that a third of the party room might be voicing their concerns tomorrow. Do you agree with him?


I have no sense of that number. Certainly as I move around the country talking with small business operators, partnering with my back bench and front bench colleagues I don’t have that feel.

The feel I have is quite simple.

We have a stable team, unity of purpose, a plan for the future, some successes already that we can build on. But we all need to lift our game. That is where our energy should be.




Politics is a team sport. This is about all of us, giving our best efforts, to build on the opportunities for our country.

That is what good government is about. We need the best contribution from all of our team.

That is my focus and thank you for your interest.