Motoring industry back around the table

Today’s roundtable of peak bodies representing the whole of the automotive industry supply and service chain and consumers agreed on an action plan to finalise principles on the sharing of information and technical specifications.

This will ensure the implementation of a competitive and transparent vehicle sales and service system for all Australian motorists

A revised draft Heads of Agreement has been circulated and sets the broad parameters for industry cooperation and collaboration.

A strengthened focus on motorists having information about their servicing options has been added to ensure the agreed principles are centred around the consumer’s interests.

In the coming weeks individual peak bodies will work to secure sign off on the revised Heads of Agreement, with the view to industry-wide endorsement.

Once settled, the Heads of Agreement will establish the structure around which individual industry associations will develop more detailed voluntary codes to bring the agreement into operation within each specific industry sectors.

This welcomed progress on agreeing an industry wide Heads of Agreement will be supported with input from the ACCC and the federal Treasury.

The positive and constructive discussions held today showed a shared commitment to resolving contentious industry issues.

I was encouraged by each peak body’s preparedness to move promptly.

Today’s roundtable was attended by:


As observers: ACCC and the Treasury