Wheels in motion for War Memorial relocation

Momentum is building in support of the vision for a new commemorative site for Frankston.

Mr Billson recently met with Frankston City Council Mayor and CEO and the Federal Veterans Affairs Minister Michael Ronaldson to discuss the best approach to deliver on a $100,000 pre-election commitment and how to attract additional funding to relocate the Frankston Memorial to the proposed Beauty Park site.

The discussions went well and following the recent endorsement of the proposed new site by Frankston City Council, we are looking at relocating the Frankston War Memorial to Beauty Park near the end of Baxter Street.

The new location will cater for the large number of people anticipated to attend commemorative and memorial services including Remembrance Day, Anzac Day and next year’s 100th anniversary of the First World War and 50 years since Australia’s Vietnam involvement.

It will also provide improved access for veterans and disabled and frail community members, a more convenient marching route and car parks and improved safety.

An Avenue of Honour and Memorial Walk is part of the concept where the community can pay their respects and reflect on commemorative plaques.

Ultimately, we hope a future aspect of this important project will include a tree lined boulevard approach on Baxter Street which ‘announces’ the commemorative location.

But right now our focus is on developing a funding strategy to see the vision achieved in time for the significant community commemorations planned for 2015.

This is an exciting project which comes after much consultation with the local community.

Further discussions will take place in the coming months with shovels expected to be in the ground by mid-2014.