Nominate now for the Y20 Summit

Young people in Dunkley aged between 18 and 30 are encouraged to apply for the chance to represent their country at this year’s high profile Y20 youth summit in Sydney from 12-15 July.

This is an excellent opportunity for young Australians to represent their country at a high profile international event.

The delegates will engage with others from G20 member states to discuss global economic challenges and develop ideas to be presented to the G20 leaders’ summit in Brisbane in November.

Discussion will centre around three broad themes of growth, youth unemployment and sustainable economic development.

Given the demographic of the Dunkley electorate he believed a young local leader could provide valuable insights in the area of youth unemployment.

I know our local youth are passionate about where they live and they’re not afraid speak up and be heard.

There is no reason why someone from Frankston, Langwarrin, the Pines, Mornington, Seaford, Baxter or Mt Eliza couldn’t represent Australia at the Y20 – after all your postcode doesn’t determine your potential.

Delegates will be asked to engage with young people across Australia to ensure a wide range of views and ideas are captured to provide the basis for their negotiations.

The Y20 Summit will draw young people from the world’s 20 largest economies and has an important role to play in discussing issues that matter to young people.

Young Australians interested in applying to be an Australian delegate can access information on the selection process at www.y20australia.com or call the Y20 information line on 1300 857 536.